Writing Samples

As a B2B writer, my specialty is in taking potentially boring subjects (business systems, anyone?) and making them entertaining and engaging. My favorite kind of article to write is:

  • actionable (no fluff – I want the reader to be able to take away something they can do today)
  • informative, yet interesting & entertaining
  • long–at least 800 words up to several thousand (I naturally tend towards writing longer pieces, but there’s a huge benefit here as longer content tends to rank better in search engines, get more backlinks, and get shared more across social media channels, plus it establishes you and your brand as an authority on the subject*)

Blog posts:

Case studies and interviews:

With several of my clients, I’ve managed the entire case study or interview process–from sourcing subjects to interviewing them to pulling it all together:

Longer form content and ebooks:

App reviews and roundups:

I’ve got something of an obsession on finding the best apps for business owners and freelancers, as you can see. I also have a Youtube channel with over 800 subscribers where I review tools/apps–mostly productivity related, sometimes venturing out into more general business-oriented areas.

Editorial/Personal essays:

Something I’ve done some of, and am looking to do more of, is editorial essays, looking at how business, technology, and design impact our lives (and personal essays).


In addition to content writing, I also do copywriting, including most or all of the copy on these sites:


I do ghostwriting on a regular basis, typically for busy CEOs or agency owners, working from outlines or interviews/conversations with the CEO themselves and translating it into blog posts (or e-books, etc.). Contact me for references and examples.

For examples of campaigns & strategy work, see the case studies.

*It’s a pet peeve of mine when people mention statistics without sources, so just to back myself up: rank better in search engines, get more backlinks, get more social shares