Services & Pricing


I typically charge a flat fee per blog post. The rates vary quite a bit depending on things like post length, amount of (and specificity of) research involved, and whether I’m generating and providing topics or you are. The best way to get an exact estimate for a post or for retainer work is to contact me, but these are the jumping off points:

  • 600-800 word posts with light research: $250-300
  • 800-1,000 word posts with light to medium research: $400-500
  • 1,000-2,000 word posts with medium to heavy research: $500-650
  • 2,000+ word posts with medium to heavy research (including contacting experts in the field or your clients/customers to interview and source quotes): $650-700+
  • Conducting expert interviews and creating 3,000+ words of content based on interviews (whether for one blog post or a series of posts, whitepaper, etc.): $900+

I’m also available for copywriting projects (priced per project, depending on specs), longer-form content (ebooks, whitepapers), and email copy.

All of these fees include: 

  • research for the post
  • one round of edits
  • including images of any apps, infographics, etc. mentioned, and sourcing creative-commons images to go with the post

For strictly editing services, fees vary depending on your exact needs (light proofreading vs. editing for flow and fact-checking, etc.), so if you’d like to talk about editing, it’s best to get in touch by sending an email.

I also offer ghostwriting services. The ballpark rate is the same with an additional $150/hr fee for meetings and research (as ghostwriting involves more of both than a typical writing project). If you would like ghostwriting samples and/or references, send me an email.

If you want to work together, whether it’s a one-off project or ongoing work, I highly recommend checking out the how I work page to make sure that our working styles are compatible. If you don’t think we’re a good fit work-style wise but are still looking for a talented and competent writer, feel free to shoot me an email with some information about what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to refer you to one of my colleagues.

Marketing & Strategy:

I’m available for content marketing and strategy consulting on a one-off or retainer basis. My base content marketing consulting package is intended to get you up and running with a solid content strategy, after which you can hire a full-time content marketing manager, I can onboard and manage freelance writers, or some combination of the two. That includes a combination of the below, tailored to your wants and needs:

  • A 90-day editorial calendar and content strategy
  • 2-4 months (depends on length and frequency of posts) of blog posts written, with another 3-6 months of post ideas generated
  • A competitive content analysis of others in the industry, what they’re doing, and how we can one-up them
  • A brand style guide that other writers can use to create content that matches your business, with minimal edits from you
  • Content upgrade(s) to generate leads, and copy for the landing page(s) for said content upgrades – if need be, I can have my in-house designer handle the ebook and/or email design, as well
  • Writing and placing guest posts (location and number of posts depend on scope of contract and your industry) and creating a strategy around them to actually generate leads, not just traffic
  • Social media management
  • A content repurposing strategy that will get you more bang for your buck (without the extra workload to go with it)
  • Strategic partnership outreach and cross-promotional strategies with influencers in the field
  • A report every 60-90 days on the effectiveness of content, covering all analytics (via Google Analytics, Hubspot, other sources), conversions to email subscriber/lead/customer, and pulling into a report with takeaways for the next month/quarter as far as what content is working, what isn’t, what that tells us about the audience, etc.
  • Checklists and process documentation for every part of content writing, publishing, and promotion
  • Weekly meetings with you/your team to check in on progress and discuss strategies, with additional meetings as needed
  • If applicable, a content audit on your existing content marketing to suss out what’s working and what’s not (and how we can create more of the former)

Fees start at $20,000 for a 90 day contract.

If you’re interested in discussing my services and working together, whether for writing or marketing, you can send me an email or click here to set up a phone/Skype chat. I look forward to working together!