Content Marketing Strategy, Foundation, and Implementation for Clubhouse

When Clubhouse (now Shortcut) and I started working together in November of 2016, they only had a handful of posts on their blog and their case studies were similarly scant. They weren’t ready to hire a full content team yet, but were looking for someone to create a solid content foundation that they could use to take their online presence to the next level.

Over the next nineteen months (from November of 2016 to June of 2017), I spearheaded content marketing at Clubhouse, creating foundational documents that other writers & workers could use, writing the bulk of the blog posts during that time, and conducting user interviews to drive content creation.

During that time, I: 

  • Created foundational documents, including editorial calendars, a brand style guide, a competitive analysis and audience/user profiles to help guide content creation
  • Created process documents, including a post-feature release content marketing checklist, a post-publishing checklist, and guidelines for PR pitching and guest posting
  • Created and implemented a customer interview strategy to drive content, interviewing customers and then writing at least one case study and one blog post based on the interviews (and drawing off of those interviews for other posts)
  • Wrote, interviewed sources for, and created a blog post series that we then turned into a lead-generating ebook (example post #1, example post #2)
  • Analyzed their previous content & traffic to create a content strategy based on the previous data and continuing to take the data into account when working on the editorial calendar
  • Created and implemented a Quora strategy to drive traffic/conversions and improve SEO

A few of my posts and case studies for Clubhouse: 


As a result of the above work combined with other marketing efforts, not only did traffic increase to the blog, but traffic to the main site increased by 147% from 2016 to 2017, and the traffic to the customers page went up over a thousand percent (1,147% increase in unique pageviews, to be exact) from 2016 to 2017.

Though we started out with little more than a website and an infrequently updated blog, Michelle took on the challenge and helped us develop and build content so that we could truly begin to promote our company and brand across multiple platforms. They not only wrote blog posts but also conducted interviews, wrote case studies, created our style guide, handled most of our social media postings, and even authored our first e-book! Michelle is an organized and diligent worker and was very flexible as we iterated on multiple approaches to try and find our unique voice. Clubhouse is blazing into an amazing new stage of marketing and growth thanks to the foundation that Michelle helped us lay. Kudos to them!

Camille Acey, former VP of Customer Success at Clubhouse