Case study: Rock the System (Kindle book launch)


Rock the System is my book for Kindle – I wanted to create it both as a lead generator (over a year after initial launch, people are still finding me through it) and as an exercise in creating longer form content than the internet usually allows (it’s just over 10,000 words).



  • I knew I had already had a lot of content I could repurpose, but at the same time, I’m always wary of falling into the “making crappy repurposed content” trap.
  • Instead of starting with what I had, I started with the overall table of contents for the book, breaking down exactly what I wanted to cover and exactly what each section would cover.
  • Then, once I had a clear summary, I did a content audit on my blog to see what out of the material I had already created would be a good fit for Rock the System.
  • Once I had that put together, I wrote the content to fill in the holes, and then edited it all for cohesiveness.


  • I was working on a very short turnaround time – I knew that I wanted to launch coinciding with SXSWi 2013, and I only wrapped up the book in the first or second week of February.
  • I reached out to several people who did book reviews and offered to send them a copy, as well as posting in Facebook groups asking if anyone wanted a review copy or wanted to interview, and I pitched a few guest posts to go up the week of launch.
  • During the launch, I publicized the book to my own email list and social media channels, utilizing tools like click to tweet to make it easier for people to share the word after they had got their copy, and using Buffer/Hootsuite to schedule social media posts throughout the weekend (since I’d be out socializing/networking and wouldn’t be able to manually share).
  • And of course, I talked it up to literally every single person I met during SXSW. Enthusiastically.


See for yourself:


People all around the interwebs seemed to like it, too:




As of writing, it’s sitting at an average of five stars with 23 reviews.

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