Case study: eBook bundle sale launch and strategy


The client: a Paleo food/fitness blogger who wanted to host a sale that collected both his digital products (ebooks) and other digital products.

My role:

  • I outlined the strategy for the sale launch – exactly what would happen in the month leading up to the launch and then during the sale itself, with deadlines for contributor submissions and a day-by-day plan for the sale itself.
  • I also helped create swipe copy – copy that the participating bloggers and affiliates could use both when sending to their email lists and on their blogs. The idea: make it as easy as possible for both affiliates and for contributors to promote.
  • I pulled together research on different shopping cart/affiliate platforms and email marketing tools so that Todd and his team knew which were the best fit for their needs and for the sale.

Feedback from the client:

Michelle helped me blow myself to Mars with the massive success of the wellness ebook bundle sale that I hosted. Although it wasn’t easy, I was as organized as I have ever been for a big project – organized enough to allow me to sell 7,500 bundles for total in $293K in sales, in a time period of 7.5 days.

So you know – I think it’s safe to say it was a success!

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