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Bigcommerce is not only an industry leading e-commerce solution, they’re right here in my home-base of Austin, Texas. So when the opportunity came up to work together, of course I was thrilled. Here’s a sampling of our work together:

Blog posts:

Case studies:

When I found out the Bigcommerce team loves to feature users on their blog, I set about finding potential case study participants to interview and create posts around. These were some of my favorites to create, because I got to go over potentially confusing topics, but ground them in a real-world example, giving the reader further resources and next steps.

Here are some examples: 

I also outlined and then pulled together existing content (and editing it) and my original content to create their dropshipping ebook.

The reception has been positive–both from the audience, from the content marketing manager, and from the CEO himself:

“I thought you might enjoy these props from our CEO, who is a notoriously tough audience when it comes to content: type of content gets me up in the morning. Caters to our Shark Tank Suzy persona, valuable and well written.”
The subject line of that email was “Love this” – which I love myself!”

On a later occasion: 

“Our CEO Eddie sent out a company-wide shoutout for the content team and included two of your posts in his list of recent favorites.”

(via Julie Neumann)