Case Studies


Blogging at Shopify Plus

The enterprise ecommerce arm of Shopify needed writers to start their brand-new blog off with a bang. Aside from writing, I also helped brainstorm content strategy and led several outreach efforts.
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Content highlight: Project Management for Freelance Developers course for SitePoint Premium

Due to my work with SitePoint as a writer and screencaster, the content team at SitePoint Premium (formerly Learnable) approached me to do a course on project management for their audience (spoiler alert: they loved it).
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Blogging at Sitepoint

Blogging at SitePoint

SitePoint is the sister site to Learnable, focusing on mostly written content where Learnable mostly focuses on video. I approached them just as they were starting to amp up their business and marketing section, which was the start of a great working relationship, where I created my own topics and pitched them to the editor, sourcing quotes where needed.
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Dropshipping ebook at BigcommerceBlogging, case studies, and ebook for Bigcommerce

Industry-leading ecommerce solution meets savvy biz blogger. Obviously, a better match than peanut butter and chocolate.

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Video for LearnableContent highlight: The 90 Day Freelance Biz video

Having previously done a video for Learnable, I pitched them the idea of doing another one, breaking down my systematized process for building up a freelance business, fast. Once published, it was doing so well on Learnable, that they republished it on SitePoint–where it totally took off.

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The_Freelancer_Planner_by_Michelle_Nickolaisen_—_KickstarterFreelancer Planner Kickstarter: Concept, strategy, and marketing (June-August 2015)

It always bothered me that there were no planners that:

1. taught you how to actually plan better and helped create stronger habits
2. were created to help with unique challenges of a freelancing business

So…I made one. And funded it on Kickstarter.

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Eblast content for Hastings

Local business: Press, social media, and campaign (January-May 2014)

For this local client, I did everything from write blog posts and marketing emails, to handle social media, to get them press, and campaign work.

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SXSW App Promotion

SXSW app launch (Feb/March 2014)

Increasing app downloads from 3-5/day to 89 in a day sounds pretty sweet, right? Especially when it’s done without paying for product placement or advertising. The app went nationwide on March 6 and we needed to create buzz for it before SXSW. I handled both concept/creation and execution of this particular strategy.

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RTStweet2Rock the System: Kindle book launch (March 2013)

Rock the System is my book for Kindle – I wanted to create it both as a lead generator (over a year after initial launch, people are still finding me through it) and as an exercise in creating longer form content (it’s just over 10,000 words), while repurposing content I already had. (Work smarter, not harder, right?) And it worked: During the launch, it hit #1 and #2 in its categories.

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eBook bundle launch

eBook bundle sale launch strategy (January 2013)

The client: a Paleo food/fitness blogger who wanted to host a sale that collected both his digital products (ebooks) and digital products from other wellness bloggers. My role: I outlined the strategy for the sale launch – exactly what would happen in the month leading up to the launch and then during the sale itself, with deadlines for contributor submissions and a day-by-day plan for the sale itself. The result? Almost $300,000 in sales in just over a week.

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