Case Studies

Content Marketing & Strategy at Rebilly

When I was hired as content marketing manager at Rebilly, they needed someone to revitalize their content marketing. The marketing team, which was just starting to grow, hadn’t had the time or resources to launch a fully-developed content marketing strategy. After being hired, I started a content audit on existing content and created a plan to use content we already had to get the ball rolling, along with consistently creating content afterwards and spearheading other projects to make the most of our digital assets.
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Content Marketing Strategy, Foundation, and Implementation for Clubhouse

When Clubhouse and I started working together in November of 2016, they weren’t ready to hire a full content team yet, but were looking for someone to create a solid content foundation that they could use to take their online presence to the next level. That’s where I came in.
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Blogging at Shopify Plus

The enterprise ecommerce arm of Shopify needed writers to start their brand-new blog off with a bang. Aside from writing, I also helped brainstorm content strategy and led several outreach efforts.
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Freelancer Planner Kickstarter: Concept, strategy, and marketing (June-August 2015)

It always bothered me that there were no planners that:

1. taught you how to actually plan better and helped create stronger habits
2. were created to help with unique challenges of a freelancing business

So…I made one. And funded it on Kickstarter.
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Content Highlight: Project Management for Freelance Developers course for SitePoint Premium

Due to my work with SitePoint as a writer and screencaster, the content team at SitePoint Premium (formerly Learnable) approached me to do a course on project management for their audience.
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Blogging at SitePoint

SitePoint is the sister site to Learnable, focusing on mostly written content where Learnable mostly focuses on video. I approached them just as they were starting to amp up their business and marketing section, which was the start of a great working relationship, where I created my own topics and pitched them to the editor, sourcing quotes where needed.
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Blogging, Case Studies, and eBook for Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is not only an industry leading e-commerce solution, they’re right here in my home-base of Austin, Texas. So when the opportunity came up to work together, of course I was thrilled.
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Content Highlight: The 90 Day Freelance Biz Video

Having previously done a video for Learnable, I pitched them the idea of doing another one, breaking down my systematized process for building up a freelance business, fast. Once published, it was doing so well on Learnable, that they republished it on SitePoint–where it totally took off.
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