Blogging at SitePoint

Sitepoint is the sister site to Learnable, focusing on mostly written content where Learnable mostly focuses on video. I approached them just as they were starting to amp up their business and marketing section, which was the start of a great working relationship. Their audience is freelancers with a heavy slant towards designers and developers, including some developers who are in the beginning stages of creating their own software or startup. I created my own topics and pitched them to the editor, sourcing quotes where needed.

Between mid-July 2014 and early December 2014, the fourteen posts I wrote for Sitepoint received:

  • Over 45,00 views total (46,832 to be exact)
  • With an average of 3,345 views per post
  • And an average of 200 social shares per post
  • The most successful post had over 10,000 views and 477 social shares in that timeframe

From the editor: “You’ve been killing it. Your articles are consistently on point and almost always perform well. It’s nice to sit down to work on an article and *know* it’s going to be good.” (Josh Earl)