Blogging & Case Studies for Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the premium enterprise version of ecommerce giant Shopify. I started on their content team just as it was being built, in mid-2015. Over the year I worked with them, I:

  • Pitched ideas, sourced quotes and research to back up my posts, and created posts covering topics ranging from robotics to enterprise email marketing to R&D, and how those topics impact and interact with enterprise ecommerce
  • Worked on industry event and marketing calendars to supplement the content strategy
  • Worked with my editor and Shopify Plus clients to create case studies (Hawkers, NOBULL)
  • Had several posts hit 150-400 social shares, with the most successful one hitting over 600 social shares

A few of my posts for Shopify Plus: 

Project spotlight: Growth and outreach

Since the Plus blog was pretty much brand new when I started, we wanted to build traction and brainstormed on ways to do so, helping to create a cross-promotional strategy. My thinking? One of the best places to start with getting more promotion was with people who have a vested interest in promoting us, like Shopify Plus partners. 

With that in mind, I went through the database of apps/companies that integrate with Shopify Plus and reached out to companies who were a good brand fit to see if any of their users would be interested in being a case study on the Shopify Plus blog spotlighting their app, or if anyone on their team wanted to exchange guest posts.

This project resulted in over 500 social shares, including the following posts:

And, of course, it also helped us build beneficial relationships with others in the space!